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Ic Diet: The IC Diet – What are the bladder irritating foods! (Interstitial Cystitis Network). If you struggle with bladder or prostate sensitivity, you’ve probably already learned that some foods can badly provoke more symptoms and discomfort. ICN Pre…

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  1. Jamie Young MA MT-BC

    (the xxx above is three W’s.) Yet maybe an alkaline diet for ureaplasma is different than for those dealing with IC. I don’t know, but for the longest time it was suggested that I had IC  until the ureaplasma was discovered. The other item that helped me WAS apple juice…..yet be careful as one brand has corn syrup in it and one doesn’t. Anyone else try the alkaline diet with bladder problems? If so how was it?

  2. Jamie Young MA MT-BC

    My biggest saving fruit- watermelon! –also high in alkaline. The following website helped me with my bladder problems a great deal. It pretty much saved me-assisted in adjusting my moods! xxx.rense.com/1.mpicons/acidalka.htm . History of my bladder problem: burning pain during and not during urination, with no infection present. Pain would announce itself immediately (about 10 minutes after products with corn/nuts, etc.)

  3. Jamie Young MA MT-BC

    Lemons have actually saved me! It diminished pain in about 10 min’s, many times. I did a three week diet of just alkaline foods and minimized my acidic foods. I didn’t eliminate the acidic foods completely,- needed protein, low acidic(chicken). Corn was my biggest problem-It’s in everything! Corn is the top of the acidic list. So I am not sure I agree that lemons are damaging. I would however feel it would be damaging if you were on an ALL alkaline diet and not balancing the diet out.

  4. April Joy

    Have you heard about Fat Blast Blueprint? (Google it) It is a quick and easy way to lose weight fast.

  5. BJ Daniels

    only herbs tea works indeed..but is verry important for a period at least to not drink coffe soda’s or add shugar to drinks..they ar the trigger factors.. the drinks ar most important in my opinion..and gotta defend the body from low temperatures..wich is another important trigger..ps srry for my english

  6. whatthefuk51

    quite possibly the best youtube i stumbled upon. im also saying that as a chronic coffee drinker! good advice thanks

  7. Corrina Reuss

    Its still surprises me, just how some people have no idea about Kinovelax Diet Plan (google it), even though many people get great results with it. Thanks to my work buddy who told me about Kinovelax Diet Plan, I’ve lost lots of weight with it without starving myself.

  8. 95Jellybeanz

    I am suspected to have IC. And I never know if my back pain is related to IC or if I have a kidney infection. I have flares every three or four days, And it makes me think I have a UTI. How do you know which is which, If you are suspected to have IC?. Is my back pain IC related?. Or should I be concerned about a UTI?.

  9. Genevee1

    I have always had UTI eversince i was 19 , im 58 now i lost my left kidney it was taken out this last aug.3 2011 . i was clear of infection for one month the following month i went to my urologist and he said i have ECOLI . will i ever be freeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee……………. i even change panties 3 times daily….lol thats how scared i am…………..thanks…….

  10. shelbyamazing7000

    I have ic…. im 14 and every morning (usually) have a “flare up” even though i don’t eat yet. i have food that sometimes dont make me feel pain but they do. i have high stress and that also causes my flares. so if anybody has other foods (DRINKS LIKE JUICES) would be amazing becuase i am getting so sick if pear juice. it makes me so depressed.
    please. PLEASE. PLEASEEEEEEEEEEE, imbox me on my youtube account.
    – thanks.

  11. Edbrad

    Hey sorry I know you wrote this comment ages ago, but I was wondering about Aloe Vera… is there a good way to take it? I assume some forms will have little to no effect while other ways will have the greatest effect. If I just use Aloe Vera tablets are you aware of them being a good form to take it? Thanks! Also if anyone else is reading this I would appreciate any advice :)

  12. Jill Osborne

    If you think you have Hunner’s Ulcers than coffee is an even greater mistake because it is sooo irritating to those wounds. My doc said exactly the same thing to me about the hydro. He was convinced I had IC, I was convinced that I C… and I had had every other test available. That said, if he thinks you have Hunner’s Ulcers.. then a hydrodistention is the only way that they can do the most effective therapy for the ulcers… laser therapy or triamcinolone injections.

  13. Jill Osborne

    It’s the ACID and the CAFFEINE. Think about it, would you pour coffee on an open wound on your hand?? No. Would you put coffee with baking soda on an open wound on your hnad?? No.  Honestly, the ONLY way that you’re bladder is going to have a chance at repairing itself is if you stop the coffee for ATLEAST six months. Every cup of coffee you have sets your healing back about two weeks because it is destructive to the new fragile cells that are trying to repair your bladder. Try it!

  14. lamore4393

    Regular rice is fine, to answer a question, & as for the Aloe Vera- with all the placebo 1/2 blind studies positive for it’s helfulness, I definitely plan to order some. Not sure about the “black beans” but try a tsp. full if you’ve eliminated all the other “no-no’s” that could cause a flare.
    I know my IC is worse & have no insurance. I think I have a hunner’s ulcer & want cysto to find out. My doc says “NO” going in there with a scope is the last thing u need! How true is this? Anyone?

  15. lamore4393

    I so live for my am coffee- what is it? The caffeine or the coffee itself? Why do i ask? At the store these are the choices: Low acid (supposedly better for the stomach/bladder) 1/2 caffeine, “mild & “mild Breakfast Blend” (I use 1/2 “normal # scoops & 1/2 tsp. of baking soda in it) Multivits hurt me! Due to IC diet, IBS & lo fat diet, I have a Vit D & Vit K deficiency. Doc. put me on- ready? KLOR! I questioned it-K is used 2 test for IC. (*Jill the volume is still a bit low. Thanks!)

  16. Jill Osborne

    As the bladder slowly heals, it can and will be able to tolerate more irritating foods like coffee.. but if you are having active symptoms.. I think it’s foolish to drink coffee because of the risk you run in creating even more inflammation and irritation. Just my two cents. Oh.. and medications with caffeine are very tricky.. and if you know that you have to tolerate that small amount of caffeine, just make sure that you don’t add more to it by eating other foods that are caffeinated.


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